"We go to the  mountain to be free. Without freedom there is no climbing”.



Please read our terms and conditions for a trip to Bolivia. If you disagree with something in this document, please contact us for more information. 1. Reservations
2. Customer cancellation
3. Cancellation of Huayna Potosi
4. Itinerary changes
5. Certain
6. Responsibility of Huayna Potosi
7. Customer responsibility
8. Acclimation
9. Services included
10. Services not included

1. Booking and confirmation services.          

The reservation form has to be used to book and confirm any service with us including: regular trips, or private.
We limit the number of passengers in each group, usually managing groups of 5 to 10 people maximum, but if necessary we can also arrange trips for larger groups.
The trip departure date is confirmed once we have confirmed at least three passengers. Reservations will close two weeks before the departure date. We suggest you book two or three months before the departure date.
The booking form has three sections: personal data, length of stay and locations you want to visit, special requirements, they must all be completely filled before submitting the form.
For our prices please send us the inquiry form and we will contact you to let you know more details. All prices are in U.S. dollars per person. For all payments we accept all major credit cards: Visa, Master Card and American Express or cash.

2. Customer Cancellations

To cancel a reservation or to cancel a confirmed travel or part of it, we must receive written notice of termination via mail or via our inquiry form. (CONSULTS)

3. Cancellation of Huayna Potosi

Huayna Potosi reserves the right to change the itinerary or cancel any trip prior to departure. The reasons may include inadequate subscription (minimum three passengers), extreme weather or logistical problems that would impede safe and efficient travel. In such cases, Huayna Potosi is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the client in preparing the trip.

4. Itinerary changes

Huayna Potosi Travel operates flexibly allowing our customers to change or modify the itinerary where this is possible, and only if there is a common agreement with all members of the group.
In the case of any change in the increase of the length of the route, customers will have to sign an "addendum" to this contract, agreeing to pay all extra costs in the cost of travel.

5. Certain

We do not include insurance of any kind in our prices, so we strongly recommend that you purchase a "Protection Plan insurance package," including: Trip cancellation / interruption, travel delay, baggage protection of documents / travel, accident and disease, health expenditure / emergency care, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation or debris, rescue operations and any other policies considered useful.
Signing our contract allows us to mount a rescue operation and to provide emergency assistance in the event you are injured or ill, and to be paid all expenses to Huayna Potosi either by your insurance company or your account.
Huayna Potosi is not responsible for any costs to clients in such circumstances.

6. Responsibility of Huayna Potosi

Huayna Potosi assumes no liability for any damage, loss, delay, mental trauma to any person or property resulting directly or indirectly from natural disasters, inconvenience, delays and expenses arising from quarantine, strike, detention, theft, pilferage and, superior force, failure of transport to and from as scheduled, riots, civil, government restrictions or regulations, acts of God, discrepancies or change in transit and other circumstances over which Huayna Potosi has no control. We reserve the right to change itineraries, if circumstances are beyond our control. The prevention of Huayna Potosi to continue the journey in a safe and effective manner. We reserve the right to modify or cancel any trip due to events that could endanger passengers and staff and / or illness, political climate or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.
Huayna Potosi is committed to operating the trip planned, to provide good service as detailed in the itinerary, unless the above facts are encountered.
We will consider full or partial refund of any money received by Huayna Potosi, transfers to other similar journey, or credit toward future travel, depending on the case.

7. Responsibility of each participant's travel group

Any person participating in a trip with Huayna Potosi is responsible for travel behaviour to other members and staff of Huayna Potosi. It is expected that the underlying conditions are seen as traveling for the benefit of a healthy activity. They are responsible for carrying the proper equipment and clothing required for travel as indicated in the list on the website.
You are responsible for basic hygiene to prevent diseases, adoption of normal behavior patterns and acting appropriately in accordance with the customs of the country you visit. It is important to understand that the laws that apply are those of that country, not the laws of the country of origin of the visitor.
The guide or trip leader reserves the right to ask a participant not to continue on the trip if that person is (or can become) a health hazard or could be a risk to self or others .
In case you have a medical condition, plan to take medication, or will be under medical treatment during the trip, it is your responsibility to use medication properly and follow the prescription of doctors. It is advisable to allow Huayna Potosi know about his physical condition through the medical form. Huayna Potosi also has the attention of a physician who specializes in altitude medicine without any extra charge, may address your inquiry. This means that under no circumstances Huayna Potosi is responsible for their health.
Any person participating in a trip with Huayna Potosi, acknowledges that it is part of activities that may be hazardous to your health and even his life and that accidents are an inevitable part of it.

8. Acclimation

Acclimatization is a requirement. Huayna Potosi is not responsible for customers who cannot complete a trip or fall ill due to improper acclimatization procedures.
On climbing trips Huayna Potosi reserves the right to evaluate the customer experience and use of the time in the mountains to provide basic training. Huayna Potosi The guide may suggest a change in plans if the average experience of group members is not adequate for the main purpose of trip.

9. Services included

Unless agreed differently, the price of travel is always in U.S. dollars per person. Huayna Potosi reserves the right to change the price due to fluctuations in the current rates or rates of change in which we have calculated the price of travel.
You can use the following information as a reference for services normally included:
• Transfers from / to the airport.
• Accommodation in the country generally by lodges, local indigenous Hostels or camping.
• Ground Transportation, use of private vehicles 4 x 4 (up to 5 person per vehicle) or private bus whenever possible.
• Meals; includes full board (4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner), not normally include are meals in large cities (meals in cities can be included on request). Water is supplied during travel, as well as non-alcoholic beverages in restaurants.
• First aid kit.
• communal camping equipment such as tents for two people, insulation, kitchen tent, dining and eating utensils.
• communal climbing equipment such as ropes, ice screws, snow stakes, hooks and other materials.
• personal climbing equipment such as plastic boots, crampons, harnesses, ice axes and two locking carabiners.
• Climbing Clothing items, such as jacket, pants, leggings and waterproof gloves.
• Transportation of luggage by porters or animals on the road during the trek and base camp and high during the climb. There is a limit of 15 kg/33 lbs (the excess baggage charges an additional cost).
• Cook and his assistant when necessary.
• Contacts. A guide specializing in travel such as hiking trips, trekking or culture.
• Lodging at Refugio I (base) and Refuge II (high camp) on the mountain Huayna Potosi.

10. Services not included

You can use the following information as a reference for services not normally included:
• Information on air transport (international and domestic flights)
• airport departure fees and taxes.
• Custom (if any).
• Charges for excess baggage on international flights or domestic.
• Insurance of any kind.
• Passport / Visa Requirement and related expenses.
• personal camping equipment such as pack of 60 and 10 liters, sleeping bag, headlamp, water bottle (2 liters), chocolates.
• Personal apparel such as: 2 wool sweaters, thermal pants, thermal socks, wool gloves, wool hat, scarf, sunglasses and sunscreen
• Fees and permits and tickets.
• Laundry expenses.
• phone calls of any kind.
• Alcoholic beverages.
• Legal Matters.
• Doctors and medical staff requirements.
• Rescue operations including: medical treatment, evacuation or other emergency service.
• Expenses arising due to delay or extension, transport failures, political disputes, sickness, weather.


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