"The mountain is a wonderful temple of rest, an altar were you pray".



refugio1Our Refugio at Paso Zongo gives you comfortable shelter before or after tackling the freezing temperatures around the Huayna Potosi mountain summit.

The warmth of the Refugio gives you a chance to meditate and to ponder what lies ahead in your adventure as well as to take in the incomparable beauty of the region. Once at the top of the mountain, just the idea that there is a delicious meal and roaring fire at the Refugio will make the climb and descent more enjoyable!

The Refugio can sleep comfortably 20 tired mountaineers. With hot running water, bathrooms and other amenities you will feel much closer to civilization than you really are. The log fire will keep you company and the cold outside will be only a reminder that just outside is La Cordillera Real de Los Andes (The Royal Range). If you have special needs, it is easy to make arrangements in advance, and food can be provided to your specifications. Our goal is to keep costs down, but if you’d like to splurge a little – just let us know. We will help you make your trip a memorable one.

Huayna Potosí high camp refuge

refugio2There is also a haven for high camp at 5300 meters where we offer lodging and food, thus avoiding camping.

The Huayna Potosi area and the Zongo Valley are popular with visitors from La Paz as it is only 13 miles or 45 minutes away from El Alto. Climbers should know that there are no climbing tariffs in Bolivia, so the possibility of climbing above 6,000 meters (almost 20,000 feet) is only limited by your personal conditioning – not your pocket.

As you know an expedition to others parts of the world, such as the Himalayas, can cost around US$ 20,000 just to enter the mountain range area. In Bolivia that amount can go a long way – or better yet: most of it can stay with you as you will not pay any government tariffs to visit our mountain ranges.

In addition to climbers, we welcome trekkers who stop over while enjoying the paths that link the main trail with the Inca’s Trail to Coroico and other parts of the valley. If you let us know in advance of your itinerary, we will be glad to help you make your stop over more enjoyable or to give you sleeping accommodations for as long as you’d like.

The Huayna Potosi region is still a well kept secret for many travelers and only about 40 people per day visit the area during the high season from April through September. Nevertheless, the Refugio is run by our 12 member staff to make sure we can accommodate and care for our guests.


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