"At the top of the mountain, I don´t wish for money, at the top of mountain, I don’t wish for fame what I wish for at the top of the mountain, is the top of the mountain."



Will I need permission to enter the mountains?

You do not need government permission to climb the mountains of Bolivia. However admission to some national parks is an additional cost.

Can we provide water in the mountains?

In alignment and Base Camp water taken from streams in the high camps and snow melt by guides for the group.

What sanitary facilities are there?

There is a bathroom in the base camps of the most popular mountains.

How much money estimated should be a tip?

Tips are not mandatory in Bolivia. These are just a sign of approval of the performance of our employees and compliance services. Any donation is welcome recognition.

What security measures are implemented? What are the evacuation procedures if someone gets hurt?

All our guides are well trained in treating diseases and medicine in mountain inhospitable areas. They take Diamox, Hydrocortisone, Nifedipine, Glucose, Lactose, rehydration salts, painkillers, paracetamol and a complete first aid kit with them. Cellular and radio with which we can communicate with the city of La Paz and proceed with the evacuation protocols.
The head of the company is a doctor and a specialist in emergency and ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support)

Do you recommend taking Diamox to prevent altitude sickness?

No. If you go slowly, taking time on approaches, going to higher altitude camps and returning to sleep in less height you should have no problems. We do not suggest taking any medication. There is a medical consultation prior to the outputs of mountain and trekking

What percentage of your customers do summit?

On the percentage successful, we are cautious in saying that we have the highest percentage compared to other companies, guiding in Bolivia. Anyway 75% succesfull.

What temperature should your sleeping bag manage?

The sleeping bag should have a quality issue for at least -18 ° C (0 ° F). 1 kg. of good quality down is best.

What type of food served at the camps?

During the expedition you are given given a diet full board which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast: Tea, coffee, milk, chocolate, tea, juice. Toast, butter, jam, cereal, oatmeal, eggs, pudding, cookies.

Lunch: pasta, grains, meats, vegetables, fresh fruits and salads.

Dinner: soups, stews, grains, meats, vegetables and fresh fruit, dessert.

Hiking Meals: Sandwiches, sweets, chocolates, biscuits, fresh and dried fruits.

Climbing Foods: dehydrated meals, pasta, mashed potatoes, fish, meat and canned vegetables, cheese, cold cuts and sausages, noodles, dried soups.

Beverages: fruit juice type infusions.

One of our climbers needs a special diet, you accommodate him?

We always ask if you require a special diet. Our expert chefs cook virtually all special meals such as vegetarian type.

Who cooks on high camps?

In the high camps it is the guide who cooks for clients and therefore offer only food in the high camps to clients that hire our guides.
Time to air conditioning
We recommend a minimum of one week stay at altitude. There are no magic methods to get conditioned. Time is the best method.


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